94% Answers & Cheats


94% is the latest app that has everyone talking. 94% is an app made by scimob, previous creators of 94 Degrees, 94 Seconds, and Kiwi Clapas. 94% is a Family-Feud style game you can play on your own. You are given a question or prompt and asked to come up with answers that match 94% of other given answers. 94% is available for download at the App Store and Google Play. You can connect to Facebook, Twitter or other social media to brag about how great you are at 94%. 94% is simple, addictive and loads of fun to play. You’re sure to be answering trivia constantly with 94%. All that’s missing is Steve Harvey’s exasperated expressions.

94% app, 94 percent answers

Of course, you may need some help figuring out just what everyone else’s answers are. That’s where 94% answers and cheats comes in handy. They have accumulated the answers for every level of 94%. There are currently 45 levels of 94%, each with three categories. 94-answers has all the answers for when you get stuck. Since you are not allowed to move onto the next level until you finish the previous one, these answers are sure to be helpful. For those of us who don’t like competitive games, 94% is sure to be perfect. Rather than playing against your friends, you simply play against yourself. Check out 94% and see what everyone else is thinking — about the app and about categories like what job you wanted to have as a child! Then check out94-answers to ensure that you never get stuck on a frustrating level.