Head Full of Steam: ‘Black: The Fall’


Steam is known for their large library of Greenlight games that are full of gems for gamers to find and explore. These games give indie developers a chance to flaunt their talents and show their wares to masses.

Black: The Fall  is no exception. It’s a clever, platform-style indie horror shooter that takes the player through quite a dark experience. An interesting fact about Black the Fall is that this game is part of the Square Enix Collective. The Square Enix Collective is a partnership between Square Enix and Indiegogo, a popular crowdfunding site, to help give exposure to indie games.

In Black: The Fall, you find yourself in a dark world full of secrets and gross decadence. Unable to recollect how you appeared in this new world, you begin your journey to kill, or be killed, all while trying to reveal a certain mystery.

Black: The Fall  introduces some unique gameplay ideas. The developer added elements of stealth to help players avoid the dangerous local natives. The player is also tasked with solving puzzles, and using machines and gadgets to facilitate killing enemies, while helping the player advance in their journey. However, be aware that some of the puzzles are not always what they seem. Solving one may lead to issues solving another, and that’s definitely something the player could do without.

Treasures exist around every corner and are used to craft items into stronger weapons and special ammo types. And you’ll definitely need said crafted items, especially when the weather starts to get a little weird in Black: The Fall. Yes, the weather will play a huge role in this creepy and ominous game. When the weather changes, each native acts differently. Some will hide and wait, while others act more feral. Eventually, Winter will roll around, bringing silence and peril, so it’s of great importance for you to find warmth and try to survive

“Warming up becomes crucial, but you are not alone, as all things need fire to survive.”


Black: The Fall  is one title you need to keep your eyes on. It’s a novel and original experience, and has a pretty unique gameplay  mechanic that should pique the interest of quite a few indie diehards out there.

Watch the trailer below, and for all other information regarding this upcoming title visit the official site here. If you want to fund this interesting side-scroller, help the developers out at this link.

Download the demo here for: WINMACLINUX.