Kick it to the Goal: Bear Simulator


First there was Goat Simulator, and now, on Kickstarter, there is Bear Simulator.

Yes, you read that correctly and it is fully funded, by almost 300%. The original project had a goal of $29,500, which they easily reached after Goat Simulator’s popularity. This will be the first game coming from Farjay Studios and it seems that the “playing as an animal” trend is a big hit and looks to continue to get attention and development. Farjay Studios mentions on their page that they’re looking to break the trend of playing as humans in video games. In Bear Simulator you explore the forest, hunt, eat things, and do what bears do. What’s not to like?

Bear Simulator GameplayThe game will be in first-person with a melee system for hunting and killing things such as campers, hunters, or other animals. There is a large open world with events, like quests, along with a wealthy amount of secrets and Easter eggs to find. There will be plenty of other animals, and possibly a social scene with the ability to make other animal friends. They are looking to have unlockable abilities and possible Oculus Rift support and with possible multiplayer!

“An extremely important feature.” listed is the addition of Mountain Goats in the game which will add a fun and unique experience.

There is some underlying story of mystery bear-hood and family, but that has yet to be revealed. Honestly, this seems like a full fledged open-world/RPG type of game, except you are a bear.

There are still three days to back the project. As mentioned, it is fully funded, but you could check out all the things you could get by being a backer. Sunglasses for your bear? Count me in.

Check out the alpha demo/trailer here or on the Kickstarter page. If you need a good laugh, the page is full of them.

You can check out Bear Simulator and help it reach its funding goal on its Kickstarter page

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