Kinect 2.0 Makes it Easier to See Private Areas


Hide Your Jewels

While watching a MS research video, I noticed something. And what I noticed wasn’t something that I wanted to look for. It was just there, kind of obvious, and a little disturbing. During a debug view of the Kinect, which will rarely, if ever, be seen by a consumer who owns the new Kinect, is the apparent ability of the Kinect to “highlight” certain parts of your body, which would normally be too hard to see considering shadows, color, and other visual factors.

In the video below of an MS Research channel, while watching researchers Scott Evans and Kareem Chaudry, you can make out the nether regions of these guys with some awkward certainty. Now to put the rumors to rest, at least from what I can gather, the Kinect 2.0 doesn’t have the ability to actually see through your clothing, but it definitely does highlight the area where said jewel’n’berries reside.


And I’m sure that this ability of the Kinect 2.0 to accurately highlight every fold, protrusion, and, er…abutment of the person standing in front of it, will take some people by surprise, and maybe a little disgust. I certainly don’t want my willy-nillies shown over a video chat, or as data that could be transfered back to the research labs for “data analysis”.


I’m certain that the same effect could be easily applicable to women who might have some protrusions of their own in their respective mountainous regions as well.

Still, this is the debug view, but who knows if some games will make it available as a configuration tool for the game’s first time use? Only time will tell. And don’t you worry, the pervs out there have probably already tracked this “feature” of the Kinect 2.0. And the hacking will commence come November 22nd. Time for jock cups and sports bras, y’all.

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