Next-Gen Launch Title Poll Results


Launch Title Madness Poll Results

As always, once SpawnPolls are taken down and the choices tallied, we put some time into studying the results that we get from these polls. Once we get into the nitty gritty details, there’s always some surprising revelations that the poll unveils that oft times goes against the expected trends of the gaming community in general.

And no different from our other studies are the results of our latest poll, “Launch Title Madness”. With 1917 responses, this has been our most successful SpawnPoll yet!

In this SpawnPoll, we asked our readers to choose 3 of their most anticipated launch titles for the PS4 and Xbox One. Participants could only vote if they made 3 choices; no less and no more.

The titles themselves are a mix of PS4 (e.g. Killzone: Shadow Fall) and Xbox One (Forza 5) platform exclusives, and some titles that actually release on current gen systems, but will have next-gen specific versions at the ready for the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One as well (Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, etc.)

So let’s start the breakdown proper. Next to each game in question, I’ve added in the number of votes its received out of the total of 1917, the game’s percentage, and whether the result was an expected or unexpected one.





Watch Dogs (371/1917 – 19%): EXPECTED

If there was ever any doubt, Watch Dogs polled far and above any other anticipated launch title. Even with current-gen versions coming out, a huge amount of gamers are still looking to make their first cherry-popping experience of this game, be on next-gen systems. All the more reason that the recent news of the Watch Dogs release delay is hitting fans hard. Gamers: being patient is a virtue. We are known for keeping our composure when we hear of delays like this and…who am I kidding. This game needs to come the heck out. NOW.


Killzone: Shadow Fall (360/1917 – 19%): UNEXPECTED

And speaking of surprising revelations…Considering that Shadow Fall is a launch exclusive title for the PlayStation 4, and that it hit the number 2 spot on this poll (which consists of a number of multiplatform and current/next-gen titles) the indisputable results of this poll don’t lie: Shadow Fall’s milkshake is bringing the PlayStation boys to the yard in droves. This highly anticipated launch title will easily be considered a PS4 system-seller. With its breathtaking graphics and explosive multiplayer, Killzone: Shadow Fall will be the game to watch on the PlayStation 4.


Battlefield 4 (294/1917 – 15%): EXPECTED

If there was any doubt, Battlefield 4 will be the first-person modern warfare shooter (sorry, Call of Duty) that next-gen gamers will be thoroughly enjoying. Considering that the game is coming out on current-gen systems way before it’s released as a launch title on the PS4 and Xbox One, Battlefield 4’s 3rd place rank cements the fact that it’s taken up a spot in many a gamers’ hearts as their first choice when it comes to modern military tactical FPS’s on the Xbox One and PS4.

And it can’t hurt that Battlefield Premium allows for a seamless upgrade option for console-specific gamers to be able to move their stats from current-gen to next-gen, and added to it, the cost-agreeable version upgrade options being given by different retailers. Battlefield 4 is set to be one of the best FPS’s to play this holiday season.


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (192/1917 – 10%): EXPECTED

AC4 is looking to take the surprisingly mundane gameplay of its predecessor, and turn it on its head. Being an assassin is cool enough, but being a pirate assassin just gets me jewels’a’quiverin’. With a better flowing story, new and improved gameplay elements in place (ship battles, anyone?), and a much smoother experience overall, Black Flag is set to storm next-gen gamers hearts and loot their wallets.


Other (186/1917 – 10%): EXPECTED

Coming in at 5th place is our “Other” category. And no, it’s not a game. “Other” consists of other PS4 and Xbox One launch titles that we couldn’t fit into our SpawnPoll. Some of these titles are Knack (PS4), Contrast (PS4), Dive Kick (PS4), Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (PS4), Minecraft (PS4), Warframe (PS4), Fighter Within (Xbox One), Killer Instinct (Xbox One), NBA 2K14 (Xbox One/PS4), Zumba Fitness: World Party (Xbox One), and many more.

So don’t count out these upcoming launch games. These titles have garnered a fair amount of interest and hype, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re in-step in sales with some of the other blockbusters listed on this poll.


Call of Duty: Ghosts (119/1917 – 6%): UNEXPECTED

Now this result was surprising. Call of Duty: Ghosts, even with the season pass and easy version-specific retailer upgrades available (much like Battlefield 4), came in at a not-so-impressive 6th place spot, amassing barely above a hundred votes out of over 1900.

I’m a Call of Duty series fan myself, and I plan to pick up an Xbox 360 version of the game (and upgrade to the Xbox One version on release), and so do many of my gamer friends. So it was quite astonishing to see the poor outcome of Ghosts in this poll, especially compared to the Battlefield’s and Killzone’s high placement.

Are people just getting tired of the by-the-numbers Madden-style yearly iterations of Call of Duty? It can’t be due to the features offered in the latest versions, with the introduction of new squad offerings, emergent map battlescapes, and even more tweaked gameplay elements in store – these are exactly the  reasons that I and many others gamers are looking forward to Ghosts. So what explains these results?

Could it be that gamers are finally getting tired of the series? Only time – and sales numbers – will tell.

Launch Title Poll Results


Dead Rising 3 (96/1917 – 5%): EXPECTED

I wasn’t surprised about this one. Dead Rising 3, in spite of all of the promised improvements, decent marketing, and development updates, still comes into the poll in a niche-title-like placement of 7th place.

The Dead Rising series itself has always been a love-it-or-hate-it type experience for gamers, even for gamers who love the zombie and survival horror genres. Still, the game looks interesting enough, even if the graphical prowess doesn’t impress, especially considering Dead Rising 3 is a next-gen launch title. Let’s hope Capcom Vancouver amazes everyone (and makes me eat my shorts).


Driveclub (81/1917 – 4%): EXPECTED

Driveclub definitely wowed gamers at E3 with its amazing graphics, innovative social features, and intriguing gameplay elements, but it still wasn’t enough to make this game a contender to the likes of the Gran Turismo and Forza series of simulation driving games. Do we really need another simulation driving game? Granted that Driveclub will probably fill the Gran Turismo 6 void that PS4 owners will feel (bad move Polyphony – you guys should’ve thought about releasing GT 6 on the PS4. It would have been a system seller for sure), but on its own, Driveclub doesn’t seem to evoke a lot of interest from simulation enthusiasts. Perhaps it’s all the better that the game was delayed into 2014. Perhaps this will give Evolution Studios the time they need to increase the feature set, gameplay elements, and improve the marketing for Driveclub.


Ryse: Son of Rome (74/1917 – 4%): EXPECTED

Son of Rome was a game I was looking forward to, but the recent news about how the original graphics shown at E3 weren’t actually representative of actual graphics on the Xbox One, was disappointing to me (and apparently, many pollsters as well). Plus, the Resident Evil style quick-time events that seem to plague this game don’t help either. Still, I’m willing to give this game a shot, as well as many others who are looking forward to Crytek’s first foray into third-person action games.


Forza Motorsport 5 (63/1917 – 3%): UNEXPECTED

Talking about revelations, Forza 5’s horrible placement as an anticipated launch title took me by surprise. Why? It’s Forza. It’s the best driving simulator on the Xbox platform, and like other games in the series, Turn 10’s attention to driving gameplay and car model details rivals that of Polyphony. So Forza 5’s 3rd to last rank has to come down to one thing in my opinion: marketing. Turn 10 have not marketed this game enough, or explained to the general public just why this iteration of the much-loved series will be different enough than Forza 4, outside of the obvious improvements to the graphics and physics engines. Time to turn the marketing up to a 10, Turn10.


FIFA 2014 (59/1917 – 3%): EXPECTED

FIFA’s position in this poll is not surprising. The game is out for current-gen systems already, and has garnered some decent to amazing reviews (like ours). So why the seeming lack of interest in the next-gen versions? Well, how much can they improve on the launch versions? Better graphics: yeah, so we’ll have some better looking crowds in the stadiums and the players will look even more realistic. Ho-hum. I think most gamers understand that there really won’t be much of a difference between current and next-gen versions, so they’re happy to pick up FIFA 14 now, and skip waiting on potential disappointment.


Need for Speed: Rivals (22/1917 – 1%): EXPECTED

Ghost Games have their work cut-out for Need for Speed: Rivals. The return to the cops vs. racers multiplayer modes is enticing, but the studio itself is unproven. A lot of gamers seem hesitant about how Rivals will distinguish itself from other arcade racing games in the market. It might just be that, like me, they’re waiting on the initial impressions and reviews about the game before they decide to spend their hard-earned money on the title. Nevertheless, I’m still keeping my eye on this one.

So, there you go, folks! Our breakdown of the latest “Launch Title Madness” SpawnPoll. There were definitely some surprising revelations that we found during our research and breakdown of the results. Do you agree with the analysis? Do you have any comments or concerns about the breakdown? Let us know in the comments below.