PS4 Vs. XBox One: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble


Over at Xpango, a blog posting which creates a virtual fight between PS4 and Xbox One with regards to topics ranging from technical to game exclusives has spawned an amazingly creative infographic. Fittingly created with a classic boxing match style, the poster goes on to show 7 rounds of the two consoles duking it out to see who will emerge the champion.


Xbox One vs PS4: The Big Showdown! infographic
Courtesy of: Xpango


And The Winner Is…

The PlayStation 4. With the next generation of consoles, Sony is aiming to please – and they certainly aren’t disappointing. With the launch drawing ever nearer (9 days left for PS4 and 16 days for Xbox One. Can you believe it!?) this is a chance for people to start fresh. PlayStation guys and gals can test out the competition and vice versa. It’s a chance for fans to semi-safely jump ship without undergoing too much scrutiny. Sony’s always consumer-friendly approach makes them the one to beat.