SpawnFirst’s Good-Bye


Taken from the SpawnFirst Facebook Page:

Thanks to all that followed SpawnFirst. Sadly, the staff will be moving on due to the new ownership’s focus on mobile gaming. I just want to say thank you for the time you gave us to give our take on gaming. We really appreciate you taking time out of your day to stop by.

We will all be going our own ways and forging our own paths. SpawnFirst’s previous Editor-in-Chief Zac Davis already has set up shop as founder of for all your indie needs.

As for myself (and PR extraordinaire Christina Spahn @Kiafayce & unstoppable Indie force Alana Fearnall @AlanaFearnall), I will be moving on to Work Revolt ( A site I initially founded in 2011 as a web comic, but now resurrected for gaming. It’s not ready for public consumption, but a soft launch will occur this month.

As for the rest of the staff, they are combing over their options and making decisions. That said I want to thank all that worked so hard during my time at SpawnFirst:

Buddy Acker @BuddyAcker
Jake Alster @Jake_Alster
Justin Celani @slasherjpc
Laura Chandler @laurawrdeadly
Tony Chavez @blacknexus
Karl Dodds @LegendaryKarlos
Stephanie Downes @MadeOfSquirrels
Evan Hallman @EvanHallman
Matt Kline @HeyMAttyK
Sean Mesler @N2NOther
Logan Moore @MooreMan12
Brian O’Donnell @bodweiser1
Keegan Roser @keegan_andrews
Chris Velluci @Velloch29
Reuben Williams-Smith @R_WilliamsSmith

and last but not least, SpawnFirst’s founder:

Karam Elahi @karamsoul

Thank you once again to the staff and our viewers, we enjoyed the ride.

Corey Kelley (@CD6405)
Editor-in-Chief one last time