That’s Pretty Neat #1: “Pilot”


I’ll be honest, I browse the internet… A LOT.  I also enjoy video games (which may explain why I write for a gaming website), so there are dozens of times I’ll run across something interesting that makes me think one thing:  “Huh… that’s pretty neat.”

So here I am, with a ludicrously awesome proposal; I’ll compile all of this neat stuff on a weekly basis and show it off in one smorgasbord of neatness, specifically for all those lovers of neat video game stuff.  And there’s pretty much no backing down, now.  I already put a “#1” by the title and creatively named it “Pilot” (I know it’s not a television show, shut up), so if I don’t continue posting these I’m going to look like a real jerk.  Hope you guys think this stuff is… uh, what’s the word…


On a Scale of 1-10, His Scaling is a 10

Assassin’s Creed is infamous for giving the protagonist incredible skill at climbing walls.  That’s not really realistic though – nobody would ever actually scale a building, would they?

Well, reddit user liamdroid proved us all very wrong with his post in which he stated “I found this guy climbing my work building today.”

Sorry Hitchcock, This is the BEST Psycho

I talked about this Borderlands 2 short film that delves into Krieg’s love life the other day, but I just can’t get over how awesome it is.  It’s no surprise, I can sort of relate to the whole ‘misunderstood guy who can’t get an attractive girl’ thing.  Though to be fair, I’m probably slightly less awkward around girls than Krieg.

Only slightly.

What is Columbia, If Not Another LEGO Set for Another Time?

This flickr user, Cool Whip, is a pretty awesome guy.  Not only was he able to secure that sweet and delicious username, but he also constructed a LEGO version of the city of Columbia from BioShock Infinite.  It comes complete with Booker DeWitt, a Handyman, some Comstock propaganda, and a mobilized patriot.

Not Included; interdimensional tears.

Even GLaDOS Would Be Proud of This Living Chamber

If you’ve ever wanted to live like a Test Subject, have I got a treat for you.  This Portal-themed room, designed from scratch by an accountant-by-day, nerd-by-night gal named Lauren, is ridiculous.  And I want to sleep there.  Preferably without GLaDOS, though.

You can check out her full website on the project here, and look at a few neat pictures below.

Humble Your Bundle

Who can ever forget the lovable wizards at  Aside from having their eighth true Humble Bundle (which includes *deep breath* Little Inferno, Awesomenauts, Capsized, Thomas Was Alone, Dear Esther, Hotline Miami, and Proteus for a price that you determine), they’ve also paired up with Telltale Games to give us… well, you can go check out the deal for yourself.  I’m sick of switching between tabs to look at all the games available.


I guess that’s really all the neat stuff I could find.  But, in all honesty, what were you expecting for a pilot?  I can’t just sit at my computer all day and find interesting stuff for you to look at, I have a life…

Okay, you called my bluff.  I don’t.