Video Game Attention Deficit Disorder (V.G.A.D.D)


Videogame Attention Deficit Disorder (V.G.A.D.D.)

This debilitating disease has stricken the best of us. You’ll be sitting there, all nice and content with Dead Rising 3, enjoying the heck out of zombie slaying onscreen and all of a sudden, a thought pops in your head:

“You know what, I could really go for some Black Flag right now”. You turn the game on, and within moments of the start screen warming up, you think “well actually, I think my time would be better served by ranking up in Battlefield 4“.

We’ve all been through it. Scratch that. We all go through it every day. If your gaming library is anywhere over 5 games, well…son, you have V.G.A.D.D.

SlasherJPC sums up V.G.A.D.D. symptoms with uncanny accuracy.