Xbox One and PS4 Transition Pains and Confirmation from Shuhei


Embrace the Change

T-minus-not-enough-time before both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hit our sweaty and willing hands. Do you currently own an Xbox 360 or a PS3? Are you worried about the transition pains, whether you’re abandoning, or keeping, the older consoles when you get the new ones? Not to worry. There’s been a plethora of information that both Sony and Microsoft have thrown out there to make the adoption pains a lot less painful.

One of the things you have to consider, especially when you’re Microsoft or Sony, is an easy transition of online functionality, game progression, and, well…money, when the newer systems are coming out. Whether they be Microsoft Points (now actual cash amounts) or PSN wallet balances, ideally there should be a system in place to transfer your credit balances over to your online profiles on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from your accounts previously tied to the older systems.

Microsoft has stated in the past that your Gamerscore and credit balances would easily transfer over to your Gamertag profiles on the Xbox One in previous statements. Seems like a natural and logical service to provide for Xbox One and PS4 adopters, but we still hadn’t learned any news on it from Sony’s side. Thanks to the PlayStation blog FAQ, a lot of the questions were answered, even ones that hadn’t been asked yet. But we were still lacking on information about the wallet amounts.




We’ll probably take it as a given on Sony’s side, but confirmations are always nice to have. In a recent Twitter post (above), Shuhei Yoshida, President of WorldWide Studios, Sony, confirmed in a small Twitter response that, yes, your PSN wallet funds (PS3/PS Vita) would be easily transferred over to to your PSN account on the PS4, or at least would be available there. Whew. Props to Shuhei-San for cementing the answer down for the gamers.

And as always, the pains of transitioning will be felt by gamers, whether on the Xbox or PS4 camps. What if I have one account (Gamertag), and I am buying an Xbox One, but I’m also still keeping my old Xbox 360? Will my account work across both systems, even concurrently?

MS says: Yes. Yes you can:

“A single Xbox Live Gold membership works across both Xbox One and Xbox 360 – your membership covers both. And you can log into a friend’s Xbox One and access all your downloadable games, preferences, and apps.”

Granted this information was released way back when, but as the launch dates come around and gamers start getting antsy about knowing all the answers before committing, there is more than ever, a need to have all the information on hand.

Some of the information can be found on the (barebones) Xbox One “Get The Facts” page at, and the Sony’s own detailed FAQ on the PlayStation blog, conveniently titled “The Ultimate FAQ”.