Diamond Digger Saga Top Tips and Cheats


The makers behind the hit games Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, King, have released a new game.  Diamond Digger Saga is the new game to top the charts.  Throughout the game you will be matching different colored gems together to remove the blocks that are underneath them.  When you remove the blocks, water will flow through the board, allowing to break through to deeper depths.  Just like the other King games, each level will begin with an objective.  Break your way through the blocks and help Diggy make his way to the bottom.  If you are having trouble, take a look at these Diamond Digger Saga tips and cheats.


Diamond Digger Saga Tip #1: Focus on clearing the gems on top of the blocks

diamond digger saga tips

When clearing the gems, look to clear the gems that are on top of the sandy blocks. Clearing gems that are located on blocks will increase your points. When you clear gems that are on empty spaces or water, you will not receive any points. This is extremely important when you have a point objective level.

Diamond Digger Saga Tip #2: Take your time

diamond digger saga tips
Before making an impulsive move, take your time. Make sure that each move is effective to bring the water to the bottom and fulfill the objective. There are many move that you can make at a single given time. Look for the move that will do the most damage to the blocks.

Diamond Digger Saga Tip #3: Look for special blocks

diamond digger saga tips
As you progress through the game, you will notice more different styled blocks. The blocks may be striped, gold, stone, etc. Some of these blocks will help you to increase your points more effectively. Pay attention to the boards that have these special blocks.

Diamond Digger Saga Tip #4: Work your way up from the bottom

diamond digger saga tips
If you are having trouble carving your way through the blocks to the opening, look for gem combinations at the bottom of the board. This way you can work your way up to the water for a solid path to the bottom.