The Evil Within Contest – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


Bring the Evil Out

TheEvilWithin2For the 3 people out in the world who haven’t heard about The Evil Within, it’s a return to the old school roots of the survival horror games of yore. Director Shinji Mikami, director of many classics like the Resident Evil series, Dino Crisis, and other hit games, along with his studio Tango Gameworks, is looking to blow our collective minds with this much-anticipated survival horror game.

SlasherJPC, in conjunction with SpawnFirst, is doing an Evil Within Contest, and the nice PR folks at Bethesda Softworks have provided us with some kick-ass posters to give away to some lucky contestants.

How do you enter? Easy. Just create an Evil Within themed 30-60 second skit, upload it to a video fileshare site (like YouTube), and send us the link. That’s it! Once you have the link ready, just add it to the comments on The Evil Within Contest Video page, link the video into a comment on this page, or just plain spam Justin “Slasher” JPC with the link in an email ( The videos will be judged by SpawnFirst and SlasherJPC, and a winner will be announced in a couple of weeks. Easy peasy.

And if you’re still confused, then watch the contest video below. SlasherJPC also includes a very well-done example skit to get your creative juices’a’flowing.

UPDATE: Contest winners announced!

First Place: “Darkness Within” by HalfSizeHorse

Runner Up: “The Evil Within – Pwotagonist Goes for a Walk” by Chindu POD

Congratulations to the winners! Posters by SlasherJPC en route!