Hay Day Review – The Best Free Farming Simulator


Best game Hay Day review

If you’re looking for the best free farming simulation, then Hay Day is right for you. It’s a fun, social game that challenges your social skills. You’ll plant, harvest, and trade crops using sliding elements on the screen. You’ll also interact with the animals on your farm and fish in a nearby lake. What’s even better? You can trade your crops with your friends and make changes as needed.

Hay Day is a freemium farming sim

Hay Day is a freemium farming simulation game where players are the creators of their own farm. They can explore other players’ farms, trade goods from their barn, decorate their own little slice of country paradise, and compete in weekly derbies. They also get experience points or XP for completing various tasks. Although Hay Day isn’t particularly innovative, it gets the basics right. Players start off with a simple patch of land and a talkative scarecrow, and then must slowly build their farm to get to the top. They must also feed their livestock multiple times and sell their produce.

Getting started in Hay Day is simple. You can learn about farming by following the tutorial and referring to the game guide. You can also sync your game with your Facebook account to trade with other players. Once you’ve set up an account, you can visit others’ farms to trade goods. You can also trade goods with other players to earn gold. Hay Day is a great freemium farming simulation game and is highly recommended for iOS users.

As a freemium farming simulation, Hay Day is great for gamers who like the social aspect of games. It allows players to trade with other players and develop their farms, polishing their trading skills. After developing your farm, players can then deliver goods using their trucks. Building a town is another important task. You can also build a dock to fish in your town. These tasks will all be rewarded with XP, which is the main reason why the game is so popular.

While it is true that many freemium games are free, Hay Day is a highly addictive farming simulator. If you’ve ever wanted to grow crops, raise animals, trade goods, and compete in derbies, this game is perfect for you. You’ll feel like a farmer for a long time if you play it right. There’s nothing better than the chance to become the boss of your own farm!

It’s easy to play

If you’ve ever played a game like Hay Day, you’ll know that the basic concept is straightforward and easy to grasp. As you farm, you’ll need to buy and sell crops. You can also store these crops to earn coins, but it can get tedious if you keep it too long. The best way to keep these crops is to always have plenty of them. After all, they will come in handy sooner or later. If you run out of seed, you’ll be spending diamonds on them!

Another trick to help you earn gold in Hay Day is to fool your followers. You can do this by clicking the check mark on top of your screen and holding it until the “x” appears on the bottom of your screen. This trick will appear to grant you a double bonus, but you’ll be able to use it to determine what items you’ll need for shipments in the future. As you level up, you’ll find a new tool box to help you.

In addition to diamonds, you can buy movie tickets in order to purchase more diamonds. You can also buy diamonds in game by purchasing them with real money. Eventually, you’ll have enough diamonds to upgrade your farm and have a lot more fun. This is especially beneficial if you’re a new player. There are plenty of ways to earn diamonds in Hay Day. You can even get a diamond-based reward every time you level up.

One of the greatest benefits of Hay Day is its easy-to-use interface. The game’s economy is entirely dependent on the millions of players who have joined, so you’ll be able to interact with them on a personal level. Producing eggs and bacon is easy, but making jam and ice cream is more challenging. Purchasing bolts, nails, and hammers in Hay Day can be tricky. As you’ll soon discover, it’s not that easy to get these items.

It’s social

Although the game focuses on farming, Hay Day is a social experience at its core. Players can purchase and sell items from other players, as well as trade them for Diamonds. In addition, visiting other players’ farms offers many benefits. If you want to join the social aspect of the game, you can add friends by clicking on the Friend Bar and selecting ‘Add Frens’. Once you have a Facebook account, you can also link your account to the Hay Day game.

The graphics of Hay Day are stunning. The game makes good use of the iPhone’s touch screen, with an incredibly cinematic presentation. You can easily tap on a plot of land and run your finger across it to gather animals and crops. The social aspect is further enhanced through the ability to visit other players’ farms and trade with them. Hay Day is free to download on the App Store. It is visually stunning and will keep your inner agriculturalist busy for hours.

There are several key differences between the online and offline versions of the game. The gameplay in Hay Day is based on a timer, and this is one of the game’s most important mechanics. In the real world, players have to wait for crops to grow, which results in revenue. Waiting for products to manufacture also means waiting, and these waits vary depending on the game you play. The wait times in Hay Day vary, and they can be lengthy, short, or long.

Unlike other games, ads in Hay Day are real and do not distract you. The game has an in-app purchase system. You can buy in-game items, but this is not recommended for casual players. The ads are also real, which can be problematic for players. However, the game does allow you to watch rewarded videos. You can also choose to skip watching ads if you want to enjoy the full experience.

Another great thing about Hay Day is the game’s tutorial phase. The first 15 minutes of gameplay are devoted to getting a Starbucks card and clearing a few challenges. While this does require some effort on your part, it will keep you occupied. You can even spend half an hour playing Hay Day before it gets boring. Once you get used to the basic controls, you can earn larger achievements and play more. If you’re new to the game, you should check out Hay Day’s tutorial phase, as this will help you become more familiar with the game.

It’s pretty

Hay Day is a social game with an emphasis on social interaction. While the default character is your friend, you can visit your friends’ farms and trade crops. You can also connect with Facebook or befriend random players. Hay Day will be released in seasons for mobile devices, so expect to wait a while before it hits the Play Store. The game is designed for casual play, but it has some serious social implications. Here are three reasons to pick it up.

The graphics are beautiful and the presentation is cinematic. This game uses the touch screen of the iPhone well. You can tap on a plot of land and run your finger across the field to gather crops and animals. You can also visit the farms of your friends through Facebook. There’s a social element to Hay Day, as you can trade the yields and perform requested tasks for them. The game will keep your inner farmer giddy for hours.

There are several strategies for increasing your profits in Hay Day. While most games reward you with coins for completing tasks, Hay Day offers an alternative. Players can spend real money on in-game resources to upgrade their farms. To make the most of your coins, pay close attention to the bulletin board. It lists the products proposed by other farmers. Spend your coins wisely. In addition, buying in bulk can save you coins, as the price of each item is higher.

Aside from raising crops and raising animals, Hay Day allows you to explore the Valley and develop your own farm. You can grow crops and livestock without ending, trade goods, and even fill delivery truck orders. It’s a game that combines farming and social interaction, and it will make you feel like a real farmer. A perfect game for social gaming. But it doesn’t quite meet this high standard. So if you’re an avid farmer, you’ll enjoy playing Hay Day.

Although the monetization in Hay Day isn’t perfect, the developers took care to keep the gameplay experience as fun as possible. Using rewarded video ads to fund in-game purchases is a great way to earn money and improve your game. However, don’t be surprised if you don’t feel like watching ads while playing Hay Day if you’re just trying to get higher levels. You can even skip watching ads completely if you’re an avid player.