Help Spread the Infection


We’ve caught the contagion. We’ve been corrupted by the plague. A dangerous and deep-seated urge is sloooowly taking over us, compelling us to… Spread the Infection.

Spawners, help us Spread the Infection, and win a boatload of tainted, zombie-themed games like:

Prize 1 (July 30th): Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 bundle

Prize 2 (Aug 1st): Amnesia: Dark Descent + Infestation: Survivor Stories

Prize 3 (Aug 3rd): The Complete Alan Wake Collection + Killing Floor

Prize 4 (Aug 5th): Deadlight + The Walking Dead Collection (Season 1 and 400 Days)

Starting today, Monday, July 29, all the way to August 5th, we’re giving out Apocalyshcious games every two days. How can you win? It’s as easy as chomping down on some succulent brains. Read on.


These guys are ready. Are YOU?


To even qualify for winning our infected prizes, you have to Follow us on Twitter, AND Like us on Facebook. For all of our current fans, don’t worry; as long as you have already Liked and Followed us; you’re eligible. Please remember, the prizes are distributed via US Steam Codes, so the contest is open to residents of the US and Canada only.

How to Win:

Simple. Gather enough points every 2 days as follows:

Tweet contest details (1 point)

Share Facebook contest post (1 point)

Like Facebook post (1 point)

Comment in the Facebook posts for the contest (1 point)

You can win a maximum of 4 points every two days. A winner will be announced on Facebook and Twitter between 6-7 PM every 2nd night, and he or she will be sent the Steam codes via email, or gifted the code if they already have a Steam account.

Remember, every two days, the points are reset for all contestants. This means that you can gain points multiple times in that window. And even if you win a prize, you are still eligible to win another one once the contest resets every 2nd day.

So good luck, Spawners, and help us Spread the Infection!