How Many refugees in Lebanon?


How Many refugees in Lebanon?

how many refugees in Lebanon

Before the Lebanese army retook control of the large southern Lebanon border areas, many residents in areas along the Lebanese border who had fled their places of residence due to violence and insecurity took refuge in the hundreds of thousands of Lebanese army bases and other security installations around the country. In response to this unprecedented influx of displaced people, the Lebanese government set up processing centers for those refugees who claimed to be in need of international protection and have either been displaced internally or externally and are awaiting clearance from the international humanitarian organizations as well as from the Lebanese authorities. With this, the number of displaced people in Lebanon has now surpassed the pre-approved level of half a million. Most of these displaced individuals are either family members of internally displaced persons who have taken refuge inside the country or are internally displaced due to war.

Most of these displaced individuals either had no prior experience of being displaced or have limited information on the events that led to their displacement. For example, some are relatives of internally displaced persons who were captured during the fierce fighting between various anti-government forces and the Hezbollah in the summer of 2021. Many of them lost their entire families, while others escaped death or became victims of human trafficking and are being held in deplorable prison and detention camps. As of now, no one is aware of how many of these displaced people there are in Lebanon, how they have undergone the ordeal of life in pre-registration form, or how many of them have actually applied for international protection.

As the political and social situation in Lebanon continues to take its toll on the national unity and stability, the number of displaced persons also continues to rise. The most common reasons why this is the case are: the lack of employment, lack of affordable housing, natural disasters, and violations of human rights. To date, no concrete figures have been put together as to how many of these refugees have been registered by the international community or the Lebanese authorities as displaced persons. The only way to gauge the status of these displaced people and their claims is through the means of international immigration and humanitarian aid organizations that track their progress. This is in spite of the fact that the number of displaced people has been increasing since the year 2021.

How many refugees in Lebanon can you afford? This question may be asked by a lot of Lebanese nationals, both in the immediate aftermath of the crisis as well as those that have been in the country for quite some time. Naturally, it is important to have the right answers to this question especially if the cost of living is quite high. Without a doubt, the large majority of Lebanese want to help and invest in programs and projects that can help them solve the problem of how many refugees there are in need.

The government is currently implementing an ambitious development program to resettle and educate these newly rescued refugees. Although most of these programs aim at providing the basics to these recently rescued people, some have also included basic vocational training. The current focus is on assisting the internally displaced, both women and men, by offering them work, a better life, education, health services and a safe place to live. Some of the projects include:

The US Federal Development Services or the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing a lot of money and manpower to help with how many refugees in Lebanon can we take in? USAID is a government agency that provides a lot of assistance to Third World countries. It is providing over $1.7 billion for the UN Relief Convoys and the Lebanese Government. There are currently over 13 million displaced people. What are you waiting for?