Juvia begins her go out which have a bath and you can appears to getting extremely cheerful


Juvia begins her go out which have a bath and you can appears to getting extremely cheerful

Given that she exits their apartment, she match Erza, Wendy and you can Carla. One becoming requested regarding factor in her joyfulness, she demonstrates to you it could have been 413 days due to the fact she satisfied Gray. Wendy and you can Carla neglect to understand the lady, however, Erza is apparently involved into the Juvia’s excitement and you may suggests that Juvia bring Grey a show draw that it event. Though Juvia is interested on prospect, she has not a clue what you should provide Gray, so she chooses to query another females on the dormitory due to their advice.

Immediately following asking the advice of almost every other ladies in the dormitory, she in the end towards the guild and have the fresh advice of one’s people in the fresh guild. Juvia score offer

Natsu Eats a community [ ]

Group Natsu and you will Makarov Dreyar, underneath the eager management of Happy, is forgotten throughout the Clover Canyon when you’re attempting to head back so you’re able to Magnolia Area.

They remain examining until it select a village. Initially he or she is keen, while they think there may be food around. But, while they head to this new community, they find it’s entirely blank. The brand new homes incorporate new food inside, however, zero inhabitants are about. This makes her or him skeptical of landscape, and you can Erza orders visitors to research rather than touching your meal no matter what delicious they appear. Earliest, no matter if, she decides to post Natsu, Gray, Happy and Lucy to collect certain mushrooms. They do thus, although at they, it eat certain.

Filler Event [ ]

This means that, specific mushrooms develop of Gray’s and Natsu’s heads. The 2 boys that have mushrooms to their thoughts laugh and argue if you’re Happier eats that as well, ultimately causing a beneficial mushroom to enhance off his direct as well. Lucy following watches because mushrooms on the brains seem to be getting big. On borders of the Community, it hear muffled worrying audio. Gray’s and Natsu’s mushrooms drop off, but Happy’s does not. They return to this new community, and you may, once they walk in, the ground actually starts to shine. The domiciles start moving also, and you can Delighted believes they are waving within your. They go a high cliff disregarding the newest community and you can to see the newest domiciles out of the blue turn into beasts. Times after, they understand this particular is within a fact a lengthy banned Wonders named Alive, that is able to flipping inanimate object for the way of life animals. However they determine your seams it noticed earlier have facts a miracle Circle one to caused the newest activation of one’s beast. The fresh new town got most likely a dark colored Guild’s town as of level of Magical Systems they has actually (which Erza had used in a lost earlier) in addition to their entry to Taboo Miracle. Yet not, it put these facts aside and even though centering on toward reality the creatures was alive, Natsu, Gray and you will Erza attack, assuming they are able to consume they. Pleased along with duels with a little beast couch. Erza incisions a few of their parts, Natsu burns off her or him and you can Grey freezes him or her, following all of them liking the beast. However, the fresh creatures the preference really terrible and you will however eager they could be, new beasts is something that they you should never consume. In the event that giants restructure, the team goes on its symptoms. This time around, Lucy summons Taurus and she battles also. Once particular blows, a quake comes after, plus one Magic circle is activated. This time, each of them precipitate involved with it.

Much after, he or she is seen nevertheless in one piece, walking and you can hungry. They found that the newest beast was basically a whole town laden up with those who have been Taken over of the monsters it created. Makarov got made brand new villagers promise to never manage one to hazardous Wonders Circle once again and that they is going to be grateful it has started undone. Although not, whenever requested the way it try undone, he advised him or her that there surely is you should not perspiration from the info. Erza candidates it absolutely was Makarov just who closed the fresh new circle and you may annulled the newest Dominate, but he wouldn’t establish it. While they keep the voyage, one statement are read: “We’re nonetheless starving!” [80]