An Interview with a Real Life Witcher


There’s only a few more months left (hopefully), before we get to put our clammy and Dorito dust-laden hands on a PS4/Xbox One copy of the Witcher 3. Not a problem…we should be able to deal with the wait just fine. Play through the original Witcher. If you’ve already traveled down that road, then hit up the amazing Witcher 2. If you’ve already finished that game, then dammit, play through both games again.

Annnnd after you’ve accomplished that quest, and still have some time left over before the Witcher 3 releases, then watch the video below. Heck, watch it now. It’s not exactly Interview with a Vampire-caliber (Tom Cruise in a wig, Antonio Banderas seducing everything with legs, and Brad Pitt’s flowing locks…enough to make even the manliest of men blush), but it gets pretty darn close. Prepare to be introduced to a real life Witcher, folks, though as you’ll find out, being a Witcher ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.