Dark Souls 2 Boss Guide: The Last Giant, The Pursuer, and The Flexile Sentry


SlasherJPC has been completely smitten by the world of Dark Souls 2. So much so that he’s created a small bonfire in his bedroom to “rest up and rejuvenate”. Not only that…he’s also taken to asking local super-market employees on where he can refill his “Estus flasks” (Editor’s note: at the bonfire in your bedroom, SlasherJPC… come on!)

Aside from the very physical manifestations of SlasherJPC’s Dark Souls 2 obsession, he occasionally does find time to record some decent boss battle walkthroughs and strategies for the all the Hollows stuck in the world of Drangelic. Check out some boss battle strategy videos below as he fights The Last Giant, The Pursuer, and The Flexile Sentry. And while you’re at it, check out our Dark Souls 2 review here!

The Last Giant


The Pursuer

The Flexile Sentry