Hitting the Archives (Literally): Release Date Brawl – Diablo 3 vs. Max Payne 3


Being passionate about gaming is a good thing. Playing your favorite games, drooling at the latest news, reveling in new trailers of upcoming blockbusters and sleeper hits; it’s all part of the experience.

But sometimes, gamers take that passion a little too  far. I know you guys’n’gals’ love your games, but even you all would agree that a Battle Royale (love that movie) in one’s living room over the finer points of gameplay and preference is a little silly.

SlasherJPC? He ain’t havin’ none’o’THAT. It’s either Diablo 3 or a beatdown’fer’free, suckas! Place yer bets!

Annnnnnd we just lost 5 bucks. Thanks A LOT, SlasherJPC…