The SpawnCast Episode 14: Super Smash(ed) Bros


Time to Spike the Falcon Punch

SuperSmashBrothers1Super Smash Brothers. The name is synonymous with screaming at the top of your lungs while watching Nintendo’s biggest stars duke it out for honor and country. The extremely popular series has been a benchmark of the fighting genre and has drained so many hours out of people’s lives that it might actually be a succubus in video game form.

On this week’s SpawnCast, Brian, Chris, and special guest Grant Kenny, break down the 3 games of the series, share harrowing tales of victory, talk about their favorite characters, and share their opinions of who they want to see in the Wii U/3DS incarnation of Super Smash Bros, all the while drinking some classy beers and cursing uncontrollably. So sit back, pop open a cold one, and brace for awesome.

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