The SpawnCast Episode 18: Arkham City Rises


Bat-History, Bat-Jokes: We’ve Gotham All

BatmanArkhamOriginsHey Spawners!  Welcome to your weekly dose of the informative, entertaining, and just plain fun, SpawnCast!  After a two week hiatus due to the holidays and hospitals (yay alliteration!), Brian and Chris are back, along with their fan-favorite guest, SpawnFirst’s Senior News Editor, Angie Santiago!

Join the trio as they talk beers with a little bit of videogames (okay so maybe it’s a little bit of beers and a lot of videogames!) They discuss their first impressions of the next generation consoles: the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, followed by the caped crusader’s Batman Arkham series. So get back into the groove and kick back, relax, and listen to the hosts’ thoughts and feelings on where they feel the Arkham series went, and possibilities of its future.

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