The SpawnCast Episode 19: Favorite Games of 2013


The ‘Cast’s (and Keri’s) Favorite Games of 2013

BioshockInfiniteDLC1Welcome back to the SpawnCast! We know it’s been a while since our last episode (we blame it on the eggnog), but we’re here, we have our beers, and we’re ready to go!

On this oh-so-special episode number 19, we actually have our first non-SpawnStaff guest: Keri Honea, “Chief Strategy Guide Aficionado” and owner of the best strategy guide review site out there,! Keri and the Krew (sorry Bri-Chris) go over their best games of 2013, and discuss why they chose each of their selections. From BioShock Infinite, to Tomb Raider, to Ys: Memories of Celceta (my personal favorite), you’ll definitely find something to love in this week’s SpawnCast. And if you still haven’t played BioShock Infinite, just be mindful of spoilers discussed between minutes 31 and 41. 😉

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