The SpawnCast Episode 1


Hey Spawners!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The SpawnCast ! On The SpawnCast, we talk about a variety of topics (but mostly about gaming, games, gamers, gaming events, gaming news, er….you get the point).

Our first episode is being hosted by Brian O’Donnell and Chris Vellucci. One’s an Xbox Lover, and the other’s a Nintendo Freak. I’ll let you sort out which is which 🙂

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The frequency of the show will be weekly, so expect some interesting discussions about a plethora of topics, every Friday. Aside from Brian and Chris, The SpawnCast will have rotational hosts, and sometimes a surprise guest here and there, so stay tuned every week to hear our absolutely brilliant (we toot our own horns. A lot ) insight and interesting commentary about all of your favorite gaming topics.

And, if you have a question about anything, want a shout-out, or just plain have an issue with what we’ve said, send an email straight to and voice your concerns! We’ll make sure to answer them in upcoming SpawnCasts.