The SpawnCast Episode 12: A Halo History Lesson


Halo, Master Chief…Goodbye, Social Life

Halo2-1So we’ve decided to change the name of our podcast to “MasterCast”, since both Brian and Chris are hardcore Halo fans. Yup, these guys live, breathe, sweat, and eat anything remotely Halo-ish.

In episode 12 of the “MasterCast”, Bri-Chris go over the history of the Halo series, one game at a time, making sure to give their opinions about each.

So Halo fans, sit back, relax, and enjoy our hosts MasterCasting in today’s episode…and…wait. Okay. We’re changing the name back to SpawnCast. Enjoy our hosts SpawnCasting about the beloved Halo series.

Without further ado, let’s get the “Halo-n” with it!

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