The SpawnCast Episode 7: From the Balls



From the Balls…

This week, hosts Brian and Chris break-in SpawnStaffer, John Finch, and discuss the latest gaming news, topics, and events, in their own special, festive, and inebriated style.

Additionally, the ‘Casters seem to have decided on their SpawnCast maxim: Speaking From the Balls (or variations thereof…apparently Bri-Chris are already trademarking that phrase, in case…you know, someone decides they want it for themselves…). I don’t exactly know what it means, but when someone “speaks from the balls”, stop what you’re doing and listen…because..well, they’re speaking from the balls.

ANYHOO. Give the three Muskateers/Spawn-kateers/Cast-kateers (I’ll stop) a listen below. And grab a nice cold one while you’re at it.

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