Versus Mode Episode 13 – Diddy Kong Racing vs. Mario Kart 64 (ft. Logan Moore)


Planes, Hovercrafts, and Automobiles

Versus ModeSquare1GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! Episode 13 of Versus Mode featuring Logan Moore is now available for your listening pleasure! This week, thanks to the release of Mario Kart 8, our heroes debate which classic kart game is superior: Mario Kart 64  or Diddy Kong Racing. Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself: “Wow, that’s really tough!” Well, that’s why Versus Mode exists: to answer the tough questions so you don’t have to. The team also discusses water and fire physics and which of the two has improved the most over the years, as well as engaging in one of the most heated arguments in Versus Mode history over who would win in the fight: the Master Chief or Samus (that, obviously, ends with a slam dunk contest). So without further adieu, grab your beer and let’s get started!

Just what is Versus Mode? Well, the dynamic duo will come up with their individual picks in agreed upon categories, and announce them at the same time. If they agree, they will explain why they picked each of their choices. If they disagree, they will work their hardest to convince the other that their pick is correct. Short of battling with swords (maybe we can fit that into later episodes; who knows), they’ll claw and grab at each other until one reigns supreme. Regardless, the end result will always be hilarious. Without further ado, enjoy the latest episode of Versus Mode!

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