Versus Mode Episode 6 – Epona vs Yoshi (ft. Erin Anthony)


The Match-up You Never Thought You Wanted

Versus ModeThis week’s installment of Versus Mode is a special one to say the least. Not only do we have the very talented Erin Anthony (who Brian interviewed two weeks ago) on the show, but this is also the first time we’ve ever had ANY guest on the show! Now we are able to determine who was “right” and who was “wrong” thanks to math! Truly a glorious day for the Versus Mode squad. So tune in to hear them bicker about if Epona is more loyal than Yoshi, if Samus had a sweeter arm cannon than Mega Man, and if the Lancer is a more iconic than the pistol from Halo CE. Or don’t. Totally up to you, but fair warning: if you don’t listen, then we’re not friends anymore. With that ultimatum set, grab a beer, plug in your headphones, sit your a$$ down, and listen to VERSUS MODE!

Just what is Versus Mode? Well, the dynamic duo will come up with their individual picks in agreed upon categories, and announce them at the same time. If they agree, they will explain why they picked each of their choices. If they disagree, they will work their hardest to convince the other that their pick is correct. Short of battling with swords (…maybe we can fit that into later episodes…who knows), they’ll claw and grab at each other until one reigns supreme. Regardless, the end result will always be hilarious. Without further ado, enjoy the latest episode of Versus Mode!

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