Is 2014 the Year of the Xbox One? Aaron Greenberg Certainly Thinks So


Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Devices and Studios Group at Microsoft, recently sent out a few tweets displaying his enthusiasm and optimism for the Xbox One in 2014. With a decent amount of exclusives and a boatload of multi-platform titles coming out for the system this year, gamers really do have much to look forward to.


With Titanfall, Project Spark, Plants vs. Zombies, Kinect Sports Rivals, Halo 5, and more as exclusives, and an upcoming barrage of multiplatform titles like Thief, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Watchdogs, The Division, Witcher 3, and many more, it’s a good time to be an Xbox One owner, though it’s a good time to be a gamer period, this year.


And let’s not forget about E3 2014. There might be even more Xbox One titles that will be announced for 2014 and the next few years, aside from Microsoft’s plans for new and innovative uses for the Kinect, and not to mention the new apps and licenses in place (and in the making) to add to the One’s media repertoire. Yes, 2014 just might be the year the Xbox One surprises us.