A 25 Minute Bite of Dead Rising 3


Capcom shared 25 minutes of the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 with the team at IGN.

The preview highlights higher resolution graphics, larger world, and darker imagery than either of the earlier games in the series, along with returning features like food and a multitude of objects to be used as weapons.

Visually, the game looks like a new direction for the franchise, one that’s been focused on bright environments and silly situations. It looks more like a horror game than it ever has, and that may be a pro or con depending on who you ask.

In regards to gameplay, survivors are much more self-serving than ever, meaning they don’t need anywhere near the level of supervision that they needed in the other games. Weapon combos are back from Dead Rising 2, and the power of the Xbox One is utilized to render a giant city filled with zombified citizens. Where you chop said zombies is important too; cutting the legs off doesn’t mean they can’t crawl at you.

The title launches with Xbox One later this month for $59.99.