3 BioShock Movie Domains Registered by Sony Pictures


Sony has been going on and off again with the BioShock movie and they have recently registered 3 more domains. Sony now holds bioshock-movie.com, bioshock-movie.net, and bio-shock.net. Those 3 domains, however, do not bring up any sort of content suggesting that Sony is stealing those sites for any future need of them.

While is not certain that it is in current production, the voice actress of Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite Courtnee Draper, has been badgering BioShock Maestro Ken Levin for landing the same role in the event of a movie adaptation. It is especially interesting considering how Levin has claimed to have killed the entire BioShock production that Universal Studios was trying to create making Gore Verbisnki the director. However it is still possible that Levine will decide to resurrect this project since he has been kicking around the idea to a potential lead actress.

No progess has been made with attempts to reach publisher 2K. Only a big fat “No Comment”.

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