3DS Update 7.0.0: Miiverse and More


This morning, the Nintendo released a 3DS Update that added Miiverse and more.

The 3DS can now access Miiverse from the system’s main menu. Users are required to create a Nintendo Network ID, or link the one they use on Wii U in order to use the Nintendo-flavored message board.

Miiverse allows 3DS users to post messages, drawings, and screenshots to various communities, something Wii U users have been enjoying for a year. 3DS and Wii U communities are viewable on both consoles.

Due to the use of NNID’s, Wii U and 3DS eShop funds are now shared; money that was on either system is now combined and usable on both. The only caveat is that funds from a region other than the system’s will be deleted. Be sure to use them before creating an NNID.

Users who buy multiple 3DS systems (a nicer one seems to release every month now) no longer have to worry about restrictions on system transfers; the limit on how many can be done have thankfully been removed.

Additionally, the cameras now require both L and R to be pressed to activate. No more accidents. Thank you.

The download should begin automatically. Check out the official patch notes here.