3rd Person Shooter Hazard Ops Announced and Open for Registration


Are you ready for the next best thing since Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon? Well, I am! The epic firefights of Hazard Ops, a brutal 3rd person action-cover-shooter, are likely to satiate even the most ridiculously overzealous of players. Oh, did I mention it is free-to-play?

Not only will it feature battles against creatures like zombies, mutants and other…things, but also epic boss fights that will be commonplace as well, against monstrous beings like dinosaurs with rockets. Yeah, you heard me, dinsosaurs with rockets.  Maybe it is the cousin of Blood Dragon‘s t-rex that shoots lasers, who knows.


The game will also include an abundance of awesome weapons, large scale maps for large scale carnage, and challenges for everyone to test their skills in a number of ways.


Players who register now for early access also stand a chance to win the First Blood Pack, which includes loads of delicious premium goodies.


So what the heck are you waiting for? Go and register right now by clicking here!


And while you are at it, do not miss the announcement trailer. It is bonkers!