More Than 50 Studios Making Indie Games For Xbox One


The ID@Xbox list of indie developers has released and the dev kits have reached over 50 studios. They plan to have much more indie support as time progresses. For now, the Xbox One has the support of big name indie developers such as Keiji Inafune’s Comcept, Ryse: Son of Rome‘s Crytek, and Double Fine.

The first titles coming from the ID@Xbox developers should be released in early 2014. The following list is just a small portion of the ID@Xbox developers and are the main ones whose titles will be releasing early 2014:

  • Behaviour (Naughty Bear)
  • Bongfish (Motorcross Madness)
  • Born Ready (Strike Suit Zero)
  • Capy (Below)
  • Comcept (Mighty No. 9)
  • Crytek (Ryse: Son of Rome)
  • Definition 6 (Spy Party)
  • Double Eleven (LittleBigPlanet Vita)
  • Double Fine (The Cave)
  • Drinkbox (Guacamelee)
  • Gaijin Games (Bit. Trip)
  • Half-Brick (Jetpack Joyride)
  • Happion Labs (Sixty Second Shooter)
  • Hidden Path (Defense Grid)
  • High Voltage Software (The Conduit)
  • Inis (Lips, Elite Beat Agents)
  • Iron Galaxy (Divekick)
  • Jackbox Games (You Don’t Know Jack)
  • Nicalis (VVVVVV)
  • NinjaBee (Outpost Kaloki)
  • Other Ocean (Duty Calls)
  • Panic Button
  • Signal Studios (Toy Soldiers)
  • Slightly Mad Studios (Project CARS)
  • Team 17 (Worms)
  • Team Colorblind
  • The Men Who Wear Many Hats (Max Gentlemen)
  • The Odd Gentlemen (Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom)
  • Vlambeer (Super Crate Box)
  • Way Forward (Silent Hill: Book of Memories)
  • Zeboyd Games
  • Zen Studios (Zen Pinball)

(Source: CVG)