7 Minutes Of Zombie Decimation With Dead Rising 3


Straight out of the EB Games Expo, GameSpot has provided us with 7 minutes of non-stop zombie decimation. Featured in the video, they show off a few new features to Dead Rising 3. You can view the gameplay below.

The inventory wheel was shown; gone is the inventory list from the top left corner above the health bar and PP. The inventory wheel allows the player to create combo weapons at the push of a button at any time. Combo weapons are made in real time so you can be attacked by a zombie while Nick is hunched over creating the weapon. A progress bar at the bottom lets the player know how much longer is needed (which is no more than approximately 2-3 seconds in the video. It might take longer if the player decides to combo 3 items together for a weapon) until completion.

The game also features a clothing closet. I assume this means that when you pick up a clothing piece, it goes into the closet so you can wear it later on if you choose. The closet features full outfits, shirts, pants, masks and glasses, and head pieces. There might be more as the options at the top could scroll.

Another new feature is the weapons locker. Players can retrieve their combo weapons, firearms, mechanical, thrown, helmets, and gloves from the locker. Considering weapons have a limited usability, I assume these work by placing the weapons in the locker making the retrievable for later. It’s doubtful that the weapons locker works the way I assume the clothing closet does.