Adam Boyes Of Sony Knew The Resolution Of CoD on Xbox One


Too big a piece for us to forget, the news of famousmortimer breaking the news about the resolution of COD (720p) on the Xbox One, is still looming in our minds. Completely against this “rumor” is Albert Penello, Senior Director of Product and Planning at MS who has vehemently tried to avoid commenting on any statements regarding the resolution issues.


Well, a new contender has entered this rumor/controversy fray: Adam Boyes. Working in Publisher and Developer Relations at Sony, Adam is implying that Albert knew the resolution on of Call of Duty on the Xbox One, whereas Albert Penello and Phil Spencer vehemently either deny or skirt the topic all together, implying that they didn’t lie about any of the proposed resolution PR statements. Adam’s tweet comes in at an interesting time, and implies that there’s more than innocent PR mishaps occurring at MS.