Adam Sessler to “Make Good On Promises” and Guest Star on Podcasts


The media head and gaming wizard known as Adam Sessler sent out a Tweet to his nation stating:

Mr. Sessler is best know as the President of TheoryHead, Inc. a consultancy firm for entertainment and media. Additionally he is known for being a former producer and editor-in-chief of Rev3Games, X-Play, and editor-in-chief of G4’s gaming content.

Perhaps Mr. Sessler will grace us here at SpawnFirst with his presence? Our PodCast, Versus Mode, is a huge success as we take gamings toughest questions and battle them out Versus mode style. Brian O’Donnell and Chris Vellucci make this podcast incredibly fun, as well as conducting a very open and fun debate on each topic!

I can personally say that as I have appeared on an episode once upon a time and it was super fun!

Sessler is a huge inspiration to myself as well as many other gamers and journalists alike. If you are not familiar with his work on YouTube, check out “Address the Sess”, which you see below. He talks with many people via google hangouts and has a great time talking about video games!