Albert Penello Answers Claims About Call of Duty DRM Issues


Well, Albert Penello has shown up back at Neogaf to give an official answer to everything that has been going  on about the Call of Duty/Game DRM fiasco. And his answer seems to be one all too sketchy:


So from the statement above, it seems as if the Xbox One UI and system software is still going through OS update builds. Even up until 2 weeks before the official launch. Added on top of that is the interesting statement that the Xbox One is still in a pre-release state, that “it’s not done yet”. Why are they waiting up until the last minute to change the builds, which seems like they are coming up with newer and newer builds every few days.

Plus, the below question from Gaf member iamshadowlark demands an answer:


At this point, all we can do is wait until November 22nd and hope for the best, although many gamers are starting to not like that idea.

Source: Neogaf