Fortnite Seeks Alpha Testers


Fortnight, the co-op sandbox game developed by Epic, has been in development for a few years already, but not much of the game was known about until this year’s GDC. The game will be a crossover between Minecraft and horde mode from Gears of War. Players will be building up fortifications while fighting off oncoming waves of monsters.


Sorry console gamers, Epic’s first game to use Unreal Engine 4 technology will be a PC exclusive.



Part of the game’s presentation at this year’s GDC.


The game is still a while off, but alpha testing is now open! So, if you are eager to try Epic’s newest game register for a spot while it is hot!


To complete the registration form, simply click here.


P.S. Cliff Bleszinski, a former game designer at Epic, mentioned to address any further questions to Epic themselves.