Archeblade Update Adds a New Skin, Balances, and Bug Fixes


HydePremiumSkin1Codebrush Games has just released the latest patch for their free-to-play, multiplayer fighting game, Archeblade. The update brings a fancy new Hitman skin for Hyde, the newly added elf assassin. The patch also adds a number of balance adjustments and bug fixes. The game is currently available for early access on Steam, so I’m sure this will be one of many updates flooding in for this game over the coming few weeks.

I’ve got to say, that skin is pretty snazzy, even if it is purely aesthetics. I have yet to try Archeblade, but what we’ve seen so far looks fun. I love the idea of developers allowing the community to help them shape their games with early access, and I’m interested in seeing what kind of direction the game will take by the time it’s finally released.

Below are a few new screenshots of Hyde in his new outfit.