Bad Company Isn’t Ready to Die


Bad Company Isn’t Ready to Die

DICE has recently confirmed that they aren’t currently working on an entry to the Bad Company series. Instead, DICE is focusing all its work on the upcoming Battlefield 4 title. This news came after DICE responded to a fan’s question regarding the Bad Company franchise on Twitter.

The Bad Company series concentrated on the singleplayer side of the game, while the main Battlefield series focused on multiplayer in an attempt to become the ‘CoD killer’. As more and more players became involved with the online aspect of Battlefield games, their already-substantial fanbase began to grow. Known for their early tweaking of games, making sure that no guns are too over-powered and maps are well balanced, Battlefield 4 (like other prior Battlefield games) may give Call of Duty: Ghosts some sort of competition.

Not to be confused with the song “Bad Company” by Bad Company, off the album Bad Company

Bad Company 3 isn’t out of the question just yet, though. So far, all we know is that it’s now in “active development”, meaning either another studio may be creating the game or that it hasn’t been put into production yet, as DICE is focusing on their next-gen debut, Battlefield 4. The tweet also suggested that DICE will be focusing on Battlefield 4 “for the year”, also suggesting that in 2014 Bad Company 3 may be their primary focus.

Previously DICE, stated that both Bad Company and Mirror’s Edge are franchises that are “too good to kill”. With Mirror’s Edge 2 speculated to make an appearance relatively soon, Bad Company may be hot on its tail.