Batman: Arkham Origins Reveal


Batman: Arkham Origins Reveal

In a surprising announcement today, Batman: Arkham Origins was announced by Warner Bros. Games Montreal (in conjunction with Game Informer magazine), for release on current generation consoles this fall, on October 25th. Yup, you heard me right the first time: Warner Bros. Games Montreal. Not Rocksteady.



The only man-chest I’m not ashamed to stare at


Will this be the “Superman 3” for the WB Batman Arkham series, or the “Return of the Jedi” that it deserves? Too early to tell. Rocksteady itself has commented that fans should be rest assured that the Batman Arkham series is safe in the fully capable hands of WB Montreal. The new studio is consulting Rocksteady every step of the way, and is trying to build upon the already rock-solid game and graphics structure that the Arkham series is known for. So don’t worry, yer glide kicks, free-form combat, and (some of the) existing arsenal are back. WB Montreal is also adding a new location, called New Gotham, and is touting that the game will be around twice the size (with the same density) as Arkham City.



Deathstroke: All the taste of Deadpool, with half the banter


This little take on Batman’s history takes place early on in his career, while he was still wet behind the Bat-ears, sotospeak. Apparently Black Mask put out a bounty on Bat-brain’s head, and 8 silent and deadly assassins are after him. One of them is DeathStroke. Yup, I can see it now: boots, fists, BAMs, POWs all over the place. Should make for an interesting story to get me to romp back into good ol’ (actually, young) Gotham City. Time to penguin* the wait…..


Courtesy of Game Informer

*not a plot reveal. Just a horribly bad pun.