Battlecry Studios Might be Working on Fallout 4 Based on Recent Job Listings


At Battlecry Studios, ZeniMax’s newest studio in Austin, TX, there have been a number of interesting job openings posted. ZeniMax is the parent company of such prolific game studios as Bethesda Game Studios, Arkane Studios, id Software, and many more. Though the requirements for this mysterious game might point to a number of possible projects like new IPS, or work on sequels to existing ones, the biggest contender to the sequel crown right now would be Fallout 4 from any one of ZeniMax’s studios. And the more we read the requirements, the more it looks like Battlecry Studios is heading this endeavor. Just check out some of the specific requirements needed from applicants:

Senior Environment Artist:

“Experience in game engine environment setup (lighting, time of day, fog/skyboxes, palette control, and post process effects)”

Fallout 4, especially being a next-gen title, will most likely have some sort of time of day system running throughout the game world, much like Skyrim and Oblivion had in place. Most open-world titles (The Grand Theft Auto series…hello!) have this sort of time of day system in place, and Fallout 4 definitely won’t be an exception to the rule.


“Willing to help skin a variety of character, garments and gear”

Though usually, this requirement would normally be applicable to any existing game in production, the fact that it’s listed under “Pluses” to the job description, would mean that the animator would be one of many who would be helping skin a number of characters. Maybe as many as would be required to populate a large world?

Senior Engineer:

“Expertise in building multithreaded, real-time systems”

Real-time systems. Hmmm. Could that possibly reinforce one of the requirements of the Senior Environment Artist (lighting, time of day, etc.), pointing to a large, evolving and ever-present world? All the more reason that we think it Battlecry is the studio working on the inevitable Fallout 4.

Gameplay Engineer:

“Experience developing for online multiplayer environment”

Considering the certain requirements from the other job postings which we think might lead to work being done on Fallout 4, this requirement might mean that we could have a multiplayer component embedded in the game. Not in a MMORPG-sense, but instead in some sort of co-op execution, and possibly a competitive/confrontational component, not unlike what Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls has in place.

Whatever it is Battlecry is working on (Fallout 4 – we’re calling it), it sure sounds like they need some dedicated people to work on a triple AAA, sandboxy, real-time world game. What do you think is up their sleeves? Let us know in the comments below.