Battlefield 4 Premium Having Issues On PlayStation 4


A number of people have reported problems with their Premium purchase on Battlefield 4 on PSN. For some, it shows that they’ve purchased Premium but the “P” that’s supposed to show up next to the Premium option on the main menu isn’t there. The “P” shows up when it’s installed and ready to use. For others, it says that it’s downloaded and “waiting to install”, but they aren’t able to install it.

A few different fixes were listed in the thread. The most plausible (and possibly the most convenient) being to restore the license through the settings in the PlayStation Dynamic Menu. Another person stated that they downloaded and installed the content on a different PS4 (which most of us might not have a spare one) and it worked fine for them. If you’re having this problem, your best bet might be to restore the license through the settings.

(Source: PlayStation Support Forums)