Bound By Flame Gets A New Trailer


Bound By Flame has a new trailer. The game has players choosing between heroism or succumbing to the fire demon the character is possessed by. Choosing to remain human and heroic will grant players one set of abilities, but there are special abilities to be gained if the player chooses to give in to the demonic entity. The character’s body will also be altered depending on how much the player succumbs to the fire demon.

The game features character customization (which has a direct impact on the character’s body should they choose to give in to the fire demon), real-time battles, three different skill trees, and crafting. The game also allows for other characters to join the player on their quest and the actions the player makes determines whether these characters become a friend, rival, or a romantic option. The game releases early 2014 on PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360.