Bound By Flame PS4 Reveal Trailer


Bound by Flame has an official reveal trailer that was unleashed yesterday. The trailer describes the player’s choice between being a hero or succumbing to the fire demon that is possessing the character, as well as touching base on the support characters that will be met along the way. Each character has a story of their own and are fighting for their own personal reasons.

The game features a crafting system in which players can craft their own armor and weapons to however they see fit. The trailer also shows off the three character skill trees: Fighter, Ranger, and Pyromancer. Players are able to switch between the three play styles at their will depending on the situation needed during combat. The fighter style sees players utilizing heavy weaponry to decimate their foes. The ranger fighting style is a fast paced and stealthy combat style. The pyromancer is exactly as it sounds; players can utilize a slew of fire magic spells to burn their enemies to a crisp. Experience gained through battle can be used to level up all of these play styles.

The game will be releasing for PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360.