Call of Duty Ghosts: Not Much Difference Between Xbox 360 and Xbox One


There’s An Extra Leaf There…Look!

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the resolution and capabilities of the two next gen consoles coming out this November.  Xbox One, set to release on November 22, has been getting the majority of the heat as they don’t have as many 1080p native games as the PS4, set to release November 15.  Unfortunately for Xbox One, things are about to get worse.

A recent image released shows a screenshot from Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox 360 compared to the Xbox One below.  Take a look for yourself and tell us if you can notice a huge difference.  At first glance, there really isn’t much of a difference.  Take a closer look though and you’ll find that there still isn’t much of a difference.


So…which is which again?

The Xbox One image is reportedly running at 720p and again, to be honest, I’m not impressed.  Scenery look a little crisper, but not $500 crisper.  With Microsoft announcing that they plan to provide software and technical support for the Xbox 360 for years to come, I question if the upgrade to ‘next gen’ is necessary.  The most talked about feature has been the Kinect 2.0 and with this screenshot release showing that there is negligible difference between the two Xbox consoles, it’s hard to justify spending $499.99 for a better Kinect experience.  Granted, these are still screenshots and maybe during gameplay/movement the difference is much more noticeable, but right now it’s not looking too good as we approach the November release dates for the two consoles.