Call of Duty: Ghosts


So a couple of days ago, Tesco accidently revealed a listing for the next Call of Duty game called “Call of Duty: Ghosts”. The listing has since been pulled from the European retailer’s website, but it garnered enough attention in the gaming world that another Call of Duty game is definitely on its way (why wouldn’t it be, honestly? Call of Duty makes it rain).



What does make me curious is the obvious. The title, Call of Duty: GHOSTS. That’s right. Not Modern Warfare or Black Ops, or even any combination of the two. It begs the question “is it a new series?” I certainly seem to think so. The name GHOST implies feelings of stealth; military actions of a clandestine nature.

Woah! You mean to tell me it might not be about annoyingly loud guns, strategically void gameplay, and obnoxious as hell Xbox Live whiners? Well, two out of three isn’t bad, ‘cause one of those staples is here to stay (*sigh*)

It might actually be refreshing to see a change in the old Call of Duty formula for once. Stealth gameplay in a Call of Duty world. It can go one of two ways: a refreshingly new take on the old formula, or a horribly bad idea that Kotick thought of during one of his drugged orgies. But still, the title itself is alluring enough to grab my complete attention.


The facemask with the skull embossed on it doesn’t give anything away. Nope, not at all.

Then again, I could be reading too much into it, and it might actually be a story set around the Modern Warfare character Simon “Ghost” Riley. The last we saw of him though, was when he was shot point blank along with Roach, and then set on fire (in MW2). So we saw him die, right guys? Guys?

Either the new game’s story will be about Ghost’s past, or Ghost is not actually dead (don’t know how he would survive being shot and set and fire, but nevertheless), or it’s in fact “Silent Hill: Ghost Picnicking with Pyramidhead”.


Our local Gamestop still has the Call of Duty 2 poster up…

Best part is, thanks to a pic taken of a Gamestop internal notice (see above), it seems as if we’ll definitely be up to our necks in Ghosty-news goodness come May 1st. Personally, I think a grossly over-budget live-action video will be released by Activision, with maybe a few snippets of intentionally vague gameplay thrown in of single-player (if that). If Activision acts smart, and if Microsoft shells out enough copies of Viva Piñata to them, Activision might be holding back its more detailed unveiling of the game during the Xbox Next/720/Durango event on May 21st. Will the title be on current consoles only? Next-gen? Cross-Gen? We’ll just have to wait and see.