Cboat Hints at DRM Functionality Still Being Present on Games


Cboat has been a one of the more trustworthy and/or accurate (if there is a word to use for insiders) sources of information in the gaming world these days. Between famousmortimer and cboat, a lot of the industry moves that these guys have been hinting at have come true, sometimes to the chagrin of MS and Sony.

Well, he just laid another one on us, especially considering the rumors about Call of Duty not being playable at all in offline mode. Check out the pretty strong statement that he shadily confirms (as he always does; his confirmations are usually vague, but when he comments on what he thinks people have assumed to be correct, he’ll lay it out there) out there about DRM, that it might not exist on the Xbox One, but that some games themselves might still be able to make use of DRM features. This is from the Neogaf thread talking about the Call of Duty Ghosts offline controversy.


Source: Neogaf