Child of Light Coming to PS Vita


Ubisoft has confirmed via their Twitter account that we will indeed see Child of Light on the PS Vita. The game has been available for consoles since April 29th, and will be available to purchase on the PS Vita system starting July 1st in the US, and July 2nd in Europe.

The game will be made available digitally with a $15 retail complete edition hitting stores including all additional game contents, a bonus quest, collectibles, and a new character.

The thought of bringing this aesthetically pleasing and addicting turn-based RPG game with me on the go makes it that much more likely for me to purchase the game again just to have on my PS Vita. Just like Borderland 2 and Final Fantasy X: HD Remaster on my slim Vita, the on-the-go experience of certain games makes them much more enjoyable and worth an extra purchase.

However, no confirmation has been made stating if we will see cross-save or cross-buy just yet. As more news is released, stay tuned here on SpawnFirst.