Chinese Government Wants to Ban Video Game Commercials on Children’s TV


It’s well-known that Chinese television has a strict regulation system and video games are still a target of the blame-game when it comes to discussions about violence. But it’s ineffective. Why? Because the problem doesn’t really exist. Video game advertisements are predominant on the Internet, not really on children’s television. There are only a handful of channels that run children’s programs: China Central Television Youth Channel or another channel dedicated solely to children’s programming. However, these channels do not feature video game advertisements.

The news comes from a Kotaku report detailing a new revision of commercial advertising regulations. The ban hasn’t been finalized yet and remains up for public consideration. It could just be that the government is paranoid that commercials featuring mature games will make its way to unsuspecting children and scar them for life, leaving them forever too fearful to eventually explore horror games when they’re ready, but who knows? Perhaps with the ability to purchase video game consoles more freely is also instilling fear that it may corrupt those who are below the designated age range for a game.